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  • Create an account here

2) Why Can't I log in?
  • You must create an account when purchasing a picks plan. This account will give you access to the members section for a limited time (based on your plan). If you did not create an account, create an account here and send me your order details via Instagram DM @winningpick or email at
  • Use the same email as the one you used for PayPal

Creating a Sports Betting Model: How do you build a sports analytics model?

3) What sports do you build analytic models for?
  • Our models are leveraged for MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and NCAAF. At the moment we will not have NHL picks. Picks also vary each week, with MLB and NFL consisting of the majority due to the strongest win rate. 
  • One of the most common questions I get asked is "how do you build a sports betting model?" If you're looking to learn how to build a sports betting model, I can help! I sell my statistical betting models for baseball, basketball and football as a standalone product, and I also consult on the side for those that are looking to create their own sports betting models separate from mine. These packages are more than just sheets, you will receive instructional videos and learn how to build a sports a betting model on your own!
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All sales are final. Email for any questions or disputes. We will reply within 24 hours - usually faster if through Instagram. Purchases of the analytics model are not to be resold or retransmitted without the owner's explicit permission. If so, the owner may revoke access to the shared Google Drive.

This website nor the owner's Instagram are a gambling website. The information released from the owners of WP Sports LLC or their website are game predictions based on models built by the owner. Results are not guaranteed and should be used as reference only. In no way can WP Sports LLC or its owner/members be held liable for losses or gains obtained from the information provided. By purchasing a membership package, or one of our models, you agree to all terms above and agree that rules are subject to change without notice.

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